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  • Des propositions de sujet de thèse à pouvoir à partir du 1er octobre 2020 - Phd proposals available starting from October 1, 2020
  • Replay - Energy communities conference
    from June 15, 2020 to September 15, 2020
    "Energy communities for collective self-consumption: frameworks, practices and tools" first sessions took place online on June and July. Access now the the replays!
  • Le 10 juin 2020, le webinaire "Quelle place pour les low-tech dans l'enseignement et la recherche ?" a permis de lancer le forum collaboratif LowTRE, à destination de toute la communauté concernée par la thématique. Accédez au lien !

Planning, management and governance of urban energy systems

As our societies face the challenges of climate change, renewable energies are confronting the classical – centralized, unidirectional – operating mode of urban grids and the relationship of individuals and communities to energy at large.

Based on observations at the building and district scales, the project Eco-SESA aims to produce knowledge, concepts, tools and methods to re-think the planning, management and governance of urban energy systems, as well as the design of their components. To reach Safe, Efficient, Sustainable and Accessible energy, these contributions will be shared with the scientific communities and the city and energy stakeholders.

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