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Final Report & Production

The impact of the CDP Eco-SESA is summarized in a final report which we decided to share publicly, in order to contribute to make durable, spread and enhance the results, and to share the pride and richness of the common produced work.

Final Report

Read the final report (PDF)
Lire le rapport final en français (PDF) (prochainement)

This work highlights without ambiguity the CDP input to knowledge and tools production in order to think about energy transition from small scales to middle scales:

  • from energy consumption micro approach to involving and interactive human-machine interfaces and energy communities governance;
  • from urban transect and socio-metabolic collections to the open-source tool OMEGALPES that helps energy systems planification/conception;
  • from new components to produce, store, consume and exchange energy to materials used to build them, new research methodologies have been tried out and shared with scientific communities and social and technological innovators : from "living labs" approaches of Grenoble Peninsula and hydrogen storage test to nudges impact assessment on the behaviors through "smart" count in situ.

Scientific Production

Eco-SESA, as an academic research program, aims first to produce scientific content, but also tools to share those contribution to general public. More over, Eco-SESA promotes open access, open source and open science, following national and european directives and intentions.

  • Scientific publications: Eco-SESA members'scientific publications in varied disciplinary fields
  • Slideshows: general slideshows presenting Eco-SESA
  • Softwares: all about OMEGALPES (Generation of Optimization Models As Linear Programming for Energy Systems)
  • Energy Community Webinars: the slideshows and videos recorded during the webinars about "Energy Communities for collective self-consumption" that took place from June to October 2020
  • Videos: a series of mainstream videos to help you understand Eco-SESA key-stakes
  • Serious Game: "Sous tension", a boardgame in French that allows its players to learn more about energy self-consumption and its stakes
  • Transect: another way to look at the district "Grenoble Presqu'ile" with its underground flows
  • Intranet: a tool developped for Eco-SESA researchers

Submitted on February 21, 2024

Updated on February 22, 2024