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Scientific production

Eco-SESA, as an academic research program, aims first to produce scientific content, but also tools to share those contribution to general public. More over, Eco-SESA promotes open access, open source and open science, following national and european directives and intentions.

  • Scientific publications: Eco-SESA members'scientific publications in varied disciplinary fields
  • Softwares: all about OMEGALPES (Generation of Optimization Models As Linear Programming for Energy Systems)
  • Slideshows: general slideshows presenting Eco-SESA
  • Energy Community Webinars: the slideshows and videos recorded during the webinars about "Energy Communities for collective self-consumption" that took place from June to October 2020
  • Videos: a series of mainstream videos to help you understand Eco-SESA key-stakes
  • Serious Games: "Sous tension", a boardgame in French that allows its players to learn more about energy self-consumption and its stakes
  • Transect: another way to look at the district "Grenoble Presqu'ile" with its underground flows
  • Intranet: a tool developped for Eco-SESA researchers

Submitted on February 21, 2024

Updated on February 23, 2024