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Research Fronts

Eco-SESA is organized in 5 Research Fronts. Each one falls in line with the most current scientific literature. They together contribute to the climate challenge of integration of on-the-spot renewable energy generation in urban areas.

Research Front 1

Design of interactive systems to involve occupants of connected buildings

Participants: G-SCOP (Leader Stéphane Ploix), LIG, INRIA, CRESSON, GAEL, PACTE, G2Elab, LNCMI, LOCIE, CEA

Research Front 2

Emerging behaviors, from individual to communities

Participants: GAEL (Leader Daniel Llerena), CRESSON, G2ELAB, LIG, LNCMI, PACTE

Research Front 3

Interactions modeling between buildings and with grids in a district

Participants: PACTE (Leader Gilles Debizet), GAEL, G2ELAB, CEA LITEN, LOCIE, LNCMI

Research Front 4

Architectures for integration of renewable on-the-spot generation (ROG)

Participants: G2ELAB (Leader Frédéric Wurtz), PACTE, LIG/INRIA, CEA, LPSC, NEEL, LEPMI

Research Front 5

Components and materials: specifications for a proper integration into systems

Participants: LMGP (Leader Daniel Bellet), G2ELAB, CEA LITEN, INEEL, IMEP-LAHC, LEPMI, SIMAP

Submitted on February 21, 2024

Updated on February 21, 2024